Services we provide

AP Solutions have been providing the people of London with a wide range of customer focused sash windows services for many years!

We pride ourselves on offering a hassle free and affordable service where customer needs always take priority, as do excellent quality workmanship and operating to modern standards. We are confident that we can meet all your requirements on your next sash windows project and also exceed your expectations when it comes to quality and affordable sash window specialists in London.

If you would like any additional information regarding any of the services listed above then please feel free to call 020 8062 2872 or visit our contact page to get in touch with us via email.

Window Painting and Decorating

Do you think that your windows need a fresh and brighter look? Don’t think that replacement is the only solution. All you need is one of our skilled decorators who will transform your windows and restore the character of your property. The painting of wooden windows is one of our areas of expertise. It is not an art that any decorator can easily do. It requires a detailed knowledge of the inner functions and mechanisms of a sash window, precise and steady hand as well as dedication. In order to get a good foundation for new layers our craftsmen make an extra effort when removing old paint and strip the whole window if necessary. Any rotten part is painted with special primer for the best results. This process is done with a steady hand to avoid unsightly scratches on the sash window glass panels. Our decorating service ensures that your windows are fully decorated to a high standard with the Weathershield paint system. This service is essential for windows that only require a good lick of paint rather than a full restoration. The skill and dedication our craftsmen provide, ensures consistently good results that will last for well over 5 years.

Window Draught Proofing


Windows that are poorly fitted not only appear unkept but also allow the cold in, start rattle and cause heat loss. It is these issues that our comprehensive draught-proofing service resolves. It helps to eliminate cold air coming through the holes in your window and helps to keep the warmth inside. It also reduces the external noise and, what's the most important, reduces your energy bills significantly. Window drought proofing prevents mould growth in your house and helps avoiding problems of increased humidity. The other benefit is that it ensures your windows flow freely as the timber moves against soft brush rather than timber. Our services will leave your house warm and quiet without affecting the character of your property.


  • Reduced chance of rattling
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Reduced external noise
  • Smoother window functioning

Please note, there is always a balance between good window functionality and draught elimination, our services aim to reduce draughts by 95% whilst still retaining a good serviceable function of both sliding sash windows.

Double Glaze and Re-glaze Existing Sash

Glass replacement is one of the most common services that we provide. Whether you are looking to improve the thermal performance of your windows or reduce the noise, we will install double glazing into existing windows or supply and fit double-glazed hard wood sashes to fit within your original box or Casement Window. This is an extremely efficient method to improve your home’s heat efficiency. What is more, it is a less expensive and less disruptive process than replacing the whole box and the windows. We can provide you with double glazed sash units of different thickness, depending on how thick you existing windows are.

If your windows have any broken panes, we will re-glaze these simply by replacing the single glaze with a new one of your choice. There is a variety of glazing options that will suit your property.

  • Acoustic glass
  • Security glass
  • Single glazing
  • Slimline double glazing
  • 12mm up to 25mm double glazing

Wooden sash Window Restoration

Have your windows lost their original style and look decayed? Many of our customers think that the only sensible option to bring back their original look is replacement. AP solutions team can renovate your windows, restoring their original style without having to replace them. For those that want their windows restored to their former standard we offer a full restoration service.

Here is a short description of how we carry out our full restoration service.

Firstly, we take the windows off the box by removing the staff and part beadings. This enables all parts of the sashes and sash frame to be thoroughly sanded and fully painted. Removing the sashes also allows the paint to dry properly before they are re-installed.

Then we sand down the sashes back to their original timber using our Festool vacuum sanding system which is used to eliminate the amount of dust produced.

If there are any dents, chips or imperfections to the surfaces we will fill them and repair with a resin timber care system. We will also replace any timber if necessary.

Any old paint that is present on the glass we carefully remove and re-glaze any broken panes of glass.

At this stage we fit the draught-proof carriers to the upper as well as lower sash that holds the draught proof brushes.

Once the windows have been fully prepared, we apply a wood primer followed by 2 coats of top coat gloss/satinwood weather shield paint

The next stage is to clean and prepare the sash box. We sand it down, fix any rotten parts using the timber care system and replace any timber if needed. After that we check, lubricate the pulleys and fit new pulleys if necessary.

The whole of the sash box is painted with a primer and 2 coats of top coat gloss/satinwood Weathershield paint. Once this is completed, we lubricate the outer sash box cheek to make sure its smooth running. We replace the old sash cords with new ones and re-attached any additional sash weights.

The upper sash is attached to the upper cords and slide into place and the new wooden parting beads are installed. The same happens with the lower sash window.

Once the sashes have been re-installed with the new draught-proofed beadings a final trim coat of paint is applied.

This is the end of the process of restoring your window.

Please note: There is always a balance between good window functionality and draught elimination, our services aim to reduce draughts by 95% whilst still retaining a good serviceable function of both sliding sash windows.

Wooden Window Replacement & Repair

Our customers looking for replacement sash windows are often experiencing the same issues: cold single glazing, rattling panes, draughts and stiff sashes. The APsolutions team will provide you with the best option on upgrading window sash replacement for your home, maintaining the period style where possible.

When you decide to have your timber sash windows replaced, it is important to ensure that the new windows will be as energy efficient as possible. Our skilled craftsmen will make sure that the new sashes are draught proofed on installation which will help keeping your home warm when the cold weather sets in. Customers are given a few options and can choose between timber types, paint finishes, glass specification, etc.

Our manufacturers supply new solid EU Oak reproduction lower and upper sash windows using traditional joinery methods to match the specifications and style of the original sashes as closely as possible. If you have decided to replace your windows you will also have an option whether you wish to keep the single glaze or to have it replaced with new hardwood double glazed sash windows. Choosing double glaze will obviously result in improved energy efficiency. As a result, you will end up using less heating in winter and save money on your utility bills.

Our replacement sash windows include:

  • -fixed sashes
  • -box sash windows
  • -sash windows bays
  • -double glaze/single glaze windows
  • -cord hung windows
  • -vertical and horizontal sliding sashes

Sash Cord Repair & Replacement

Do you have sash windows which are jammed, slide open or are very hard to open?

The most likely cause of these problems is broken cords. The sash cord is a vital part of a sash window. It is very common that over many years of use a sash cord will wear and snap. We can we can service your window to get your sashes functioning correctly and running smoothly again. Our sash window specialist will remove the broken sash cord and replace with a new one. The cords that we supply are made from waxed cotton and contain a polypropylene core. They are more suited to typical domestic properties with sash windows and will last for many years. If however, your windows appear to have good sash cords attached but do not stay open, your windows may need re-balancing and additional weights added. Please also remember, it is important to keep sash cords free of paint in order to provide smooth functioning.

Casement windows restoration

Traditional casement windows are likely to degrade and deteriorate over long periods of time. This may be caused by rotten sills or frames, jamming and sticking of casement sashes, draughts from loose panes etc. We offer a customised service that can fix any or all of these problems with your existing casement windows. APsolutions team can renovate your windows, restoring their original style without having to replace them. For those that want their windows restored to their former standard we offer a full restoration service. This service

will significantly increase the thermal and noise reduction qualities of your windows.

Timber casement windows require regular maintenance to protect them from moisture. Paint decoration can lead to water ingress which can cause timber decay and rot. At APsolutions we can carefully remove any affected areas of rot and replace with a new hardwood section.

As part of our casement window repair work, we can re-align and reuse any original brass, hinges, catches or handles where possible or replace existing ironmongery with new locking ironmonger upon your request.

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